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Delta Participaties is an actively involved shareholder that believes in success based on added value and partnerships. We work in partnerships with a management team or other shareholders to achieve sustainable change and enable companies to grow

Why delta

Typical situations in which our way of working excels:

  • Cooperation with a majority shareholder to facilitate succession
  • Helping to realise untapped potential
  • Management Buy-in situations
  • “Carve-out” situations
  • “Turn-around” situations – enabling companies to return to structural profitability

CLAN Dental - Border-Lock

  • Activity: Production of disposables for the dental market
  • Situation: Transition from a family company to a new team 
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Investment criteria

  • Main activity in the Netherlands
  • A situation that requires an engaged shareholder to help realise change
  • Preference for manufacturing, production or distribution companies
Investment criteria
  • Delta fulfils an active role
  • Turnover € 25-250 million