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Business culture determines the success of the strategy

Strategic change and top performance within a company are possible when the employee team is involved in realising the ambitions and shares in the success

Waarom Delta

What we do

Delta Participaties helps companies realise sustainable strategic change by enabling teams to maximise their performance
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We work differently

We believe that a winning business culture leads to attractive returns. Sustainable value creation within companies is driven by the entire team. We believe that work, at Delta Participaties or at one of our portfolio companies, should be a place where everyone feels part of the bigger picture, is challenged to achieve personal growth, and contributes and shares in the success. Strategic change should support the shareholders and team
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Delta Participaties operating principles

Our principles reflect who we are and guide how we do business


Our long-term goals are clear, they guide our decisions and ensure that progress is clear for everyone


We strengthen each other by discussing different views internally and standing united behind our choices

Long-term value

We understand what drives value in our companies and focus on delivering sustainable value – not just for the next quarter


We assess and reward each other based on contributions to the team

Personal growth

Everyone is responsible for their own personal growth


We aim to improve every day by learning from our errors and building on our strengths


Our team

Delta Participaties was founded by a team of proven investors with a ton of experience in growth and strategic change
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