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Business culture determines the success of the strategy

Strategic change and top performance within a company are possible when the employee team is involved in realising the ambitions and shares in the success

What we do

Delta Participaties is a committed investment company from The Netherlands, focused on sustainable growth with a long-term vision. We believe sustainable growth and success are achieved through a winning corporate culture driven by the entire team. Strategic change and top performance within a company become possible when employees are involved in realizing the ambitions and sharing in the success. Therefore we believe that a company should be a place where everyone feels part of a greater whole, is challenged to grow personally, contribute to and share in the success. Strategic change for the benefit of shareholders and the team.

Our principles reflect who we are and guide how we do business


Our long-term goals are clear. They guide our decisions. The progress is clear for everyone

Long-term value

We understand what drives value in our companies and focus on delivering sustainable value – not just for the next quarter


Integrity is part of who we are and is reflected in our decisions and our actions


We want to get better every day by learning from our mistakes and expand our strengths


We strengthen each other by discussing different views internally and standing united behind our choices

Our approach

Delta Participaties helps entrepreneurs bring about change by building a team with a winning culture as a committed partner. We do this, among other things, by encouraging maximum involvement by employees, setting ambitious goals with the team, using a model of transparent communication, focusing on personal growth within the company and fair compensation.

Collaboration is the foundation for success in any business. We are consistently focused on forming strong partnerships with our associates. A productive collaboration between shareholders and employees based on a shared vision is the basis for sustainable change and growth.

We use numbers to objectively measure whether we are on track to the common goal so the team can be in control and can make adjustments in time. No one-sided focus on short-term profit but long-term success.


We work differently

  1. Strategy
    Delta helps identify growth ambitions and translate these into a concrete action plan
  2. Culture
    We provide insight into the company culture, help set the ambitions and the approach to realize change
  3. Team
    We are initiating the process of expanding and strengthening the team so that you as an entrepreneur can choose your successor
  4. Business intelligence
    We support the team by providing insights into the operational and commercial data
  5. New markets
    We support management with international growth, product expansion and/or digitization
  6. Acquisitions
    We use our expertise in sourcing, acquiring and integrating acquisitions to help the company grow faster
  7. Financing
    We establish a financial structure that facilitates employee participation and growth


Our investment focus

  • Main office in the Netherlands
  • Operating profit between €1 million and €5 million
  • A situation where there is a need for an active role for Delta to help realize change
  • Delta focuses on a wide variety of sectors with a preference for manufacturing, manufacturing and distribution

Typical situations in which our way of working excels

  • Collaboration with family-owned businesses to facilitate long-term succession
  • Management Buy-In situations
  • Growth through add-on acquisitions (“buy & build”)
  • “Carve-out” situations
  • “Turn-around” situations – enabling companies to return to structural profitability


Manufacturer of disposables for the dental market.

The transition from a family run business to a new management team.

More information can be found on the company website

Distributor of internal transport and storage systems for hospitals, care institutions and high-tech customers.

Strengthing of the management team and supporting the company’s growth.

More information can be found on the company website

Producer of covers and storage solutions for agricultural and biogas companies to reduce CO2 and methane emissions.

Strengthening the balance sheet and applying focus to the strategic ambitions to accelerate growth from a solid base.

More information can be found on the company website

Our team​

Delta consists of an ambitious and experienced team of professionals with complementary backgrounds. We have extensive experience in investing and managing companies. We have the experience to set out the strategy, execute it and get the rest of the team on board. We know what is going on within the business teams of our participations and are intrinsically motivated to do things better every day.

Floris van Oranje


Laurens Rosenmöller


Max Pijnappel


Jeroen van Rij


Joop Stolle


Friends of Delta

A group of successful entrepreneurs and managers

Delta is assisted by a group of successful entrepreneurs and managers with direct experience in realizing growth and strategic change.

Delta involves these friends of the house where desired, and if relevant, for the teams within our participations.

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Contact us​

To bring about sustainable change

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