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Delta Participaties invests in companies and teams

Delta Participaties helps companies realise sustainable strategic change by building a strong team with a winning culture

Why delta

Participation leads to clear operating results

As shareholder, we ensure maximum employee engagement by setting ambitious goals together with the team, using a model of transparent communication, a focus on personal growth within the company and fair compensation

Strengthening the team

Delta Participaties leads the process of recruiting new staff, giving the majority shareholder the chance to select a successor and wider management team

Creating strategic momentum

We provide strategic and tactical reinforcement to drive critical projects forward

We look beyond numbers

We use numbers to measure objectively whether we are on the right track towards our joint goal, to make sure that the team is in control and can make adjustments in time. We never focus solely on short-term profit maximation that can stand in the way of sustainable change

What does Delta Participaties offer

1. Strategy

Delta helps to identify growth ambitions and translate these into a concrete action plan

2. Culture

We make cultural transformation clear and translate this into action

3. Team

We expand and strengthen the team

4. Business intelligence

We conduct commercial analyses to maximise sales team efficiency

5. New markets

We initiate and/or digitise international growth

6. Acquisitions

We search, acquire and integrate

7. Financing

We establish a financial structure that facilitates employee participation and growth