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What we do

We are focused on sustainable growth with a long-term vision

We believe sustainable growth and success are achieved through a winning corporate culture driven by the entire team. Strategic change and top performance within a company become possible when employees are involved in realizing the ambitions and sharing in the success.

Therefore we believe that a company should be a place where everyone feels part of a greater whole, is challenged to grow personally, contribute to and share in the success. Strategic change for the benefit of shareholders and the team.

Our principles

Our principles reflect who we are and guide us in doing business. We are transparent, ambitious, honest, focused on the long term and a close-knit team. We strive for sustainable growth and success by communicating our objectives clearly, learning from our mistakes, utilizing our strengths and strengthening each other. We are not afraid to question and improve our actions. We are proud of our work and accountable to our customers, partners, colleagues and society. We are innovative and investigative, always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

We are Delta Participaties, a committed investment company that believes in the power of a winning corporate culture.

Our approach

We work differently

Delta Participaties helps entrepreneurs bring about change by building a team with a winning culture as a committed partner.

Because collaboration is the basis for success in every company. We are consistently focused on forming strong partnerships with our associates. A productive collaboration between shareholders and employees based on a shared vision is the basis for sustainable change and growth.

Who we are

Our team

Delta consists of an ambitious and experienced team of professionals with complementary backgrounds.

We have extensive experience in investing and managing companies. We have the experience to set out the strategy, execute it and get the rest of the team on board. We know what is going on within the business teams of our participations and are intrinsically motivated to do things better every day.